The Guide arrives at an opportune time for South Africa’s energy sector, which is rapidly changing, shifting from large-scale conventional power plants to low-carbon distributed generation. The emergence of low-cost renewable energy technologies and distributed energy generation makes it possible for municipalities to play a significant role in energy supply, distribution and EE. In addition, the growing importance of the green economy, as a lever to stimulate post- Covid-19 economic recovery, presents South African municipalities (particularly cities) with the opportunity to unleash their transformative potential, find their own innovative, decentralised solutions to meet their energy needs, and futureproof their energy systems.

The Guide provides very practical information on the types of interventions that could form part of the energy strategy of individual municipalities. In effect, it offers a menu of options to municipalities, enabling municipal officials to develop energy strategies in-house. It is not prescriptive but multidimensional and can be adapted to the needs and capacity of all municipalities. It requires that municipalities adopt and adapt the broad strategic direction presented here within their own strategy and action plan.

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